It’s growing and bearing fruits

The last time I saw this fruit tree was still a knee high tall and now, it’s growing tall and already bearing fruits. It only has three fruit for the time being but who knows, maybe few months later it will have plenty of fruits and I can use it to make calamsi juice or mixed it in my pansit canton.

Calamansi or Kalamansi in Tagalog language is widely known in tropical countries like in Southeast Asia particularly in the Philippines.

Behold the calamansi tree, I’m not really sure the English term of this fruit, but it say “lemon” or “lime” in my little research. But I’m not sure of it. Well, it doesn’t matter what’s the english name of it, as long as I can make juices out of this fruit one day soon.

Aside from calamsi juice, it also have plenty of uses like, Condiment for food recipes ( mixed with pansit canton ), Stops stinky smell on fish, Skin bleaching agent (already done this before), Removes stains on clothes, Cleanses body dirt’s, Triple power underarms deodorizer (try it when I was still in high school, hehe), Fights body odor, Relieves cough (calamansi juice), Removes dandruff (should try this one of these days), Increase hair volume (and will try this one too).

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