Missing recent for kids movies

The new generation have their ways of choosing their own kind of games and pastime to keep them entertain and at the same time keep them educated with the help of course of the parents. But even if all of them choose to be more high-tech in playing, they still love watching the same kids movies that I love and like. The Cinderella movies, Snow white, Little Mermaid and all the fairy tale movies that I only experience to watch when I was in my high schools days because we don’t have TV that time and the movie house is too far away from our province. Those children movies are still one of my favorite movies to watch, even if other’s comment that I’m too old for that kind of movies. And I always search online for a new animated movies just like this week. A lot of animated movies is shown in movie houses and I was missing some of them like the Madagascar 3, Ice Age and many more but what I like to watch are the two that I mention. I love watching movies and stuff for children.

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