The childlike in Me

Even if I’m already in my 30’s and people I know would expect adult behavior and matured things from me. I still can’t deny the fact that I still have a child heart in me. Maybe some of us experience the old games or traditional games that we always play in school and after school with the neighbor’s kids before. And kids today have different kinds of games and some of them are still fun playing with the old games (tumbang preso, bato lata and more) that the new generation slowly forgetting especially those who can afford to buy high-tech gadgets for their kids like the iPods and laptop but even the other kids that is not that well off are seldom play those old games because they can always rent a computer in a cafe and play computer games. And that is really normal if you ask for me, because even if we want to preserve the old passion way, we still have to move forward and experience and try new different things as the generation becomes smarter and smarter every year. And I also play those games that most children play today. The pants vs zombies, hangaroo and more.

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