Ticks in the house

Photo from google
Good thing I still don’t have kids who run or play inside the house because if even, they will be having scratching problem this moment. I have three cute dogs in the house and sometime I may not give them bath but I make sure they’re always free from ticks and fleas. But maybe I not that careful because the pets are busy scratching and some of that ticks are busy flying everywhere. I already clean the whole house and I let the dogs sleep outside until I can find a solution to that tick problem.

Having a pet really makes you a responsible person most especially if you love your pets and you don’t want anything bad happen to them. Me, I don’t like watching them scratch their body and I don’t want them to sleep outside either but I have to do it or else I will be joining them outside scratching our butts. Can you suggest a good remedy for this tick dilemma?

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