Using smart meter electricity is the way forward

Using smart meter electricity couldn’t be easier. Over 400,000 British Gas customers are already enjoying the benefits smart metering can bring.

All households will be fitted with a smart meter by the end of 2019 according the government who want all businesses and residential properties to be using smart meter electricity. British Gas is well ahead when it comes to ensuring that their own targets are met and all customers will be contacted when their turn comes around.

Having a smart meter fitted costs the customer nothing and they are fitted by experienced fitters who will put them in the place of the current traditional home meters. The engineers that fit the smart meters will be able to provide demonstrations about using smart meter electricity and British Gas themselves will be on hand to answer any on-going questions that you may have.

The benefits of using smart meter electricity are undeniable. As the need for estimated billing is completely eliminated by using smart meter electricity, customers can be sure that they are only paying for the electricity that they have used, not what the billing computer guesses that they may have used. By sending real time usage information to British Gas via wireless technology the way that energy accounts are managed is being completely streamlined making it more efficient and easy for all.

Using smart meter electricity not only provides the tools for accurate billing but enables both British Gas and the customer to be able to better assess the amount of electricity that is being used. This can help British Gas to determine whether or not customers are on the correct tariff and ensures that they are all receiving all of the discounts that are available to them, according to their usage.

This is a whistle-stop explanation of just a few of many benefits that using smart meter electricity provides. For more in depth information about smart metering and how British Gas are rolling out new meters to customers, visit the British Gas website.

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