Wishing for a new TV set

When the parents was still here living with me. We have four (4) TV, one 41″ flat screen TV which our older brother bought, 21″ flat screen which our second older sister bought then, the two old TV’s which belongs to my parents and our older sister. But the two old TV decided to retire and the parents moved to other city bringing the 21″ flat screen, then, the brother took the big TV. All that’s left are the busted TV’s. We already bring the old busted to the technician but it just lasted for a week. When my father visit the house a few months ago. He bought a small old (surplus) kind of TV and I’ve been using it for a few months now and to make the story short. That small TV is planning to resign any days now. I wanted to buy new television set but it’s expensive. Thank God I have my lappy (laptop) to watch movies but I cant watch teleserye though. Well, maybe I could plan to save money for that television set.

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