We don’t really have divorce here in the Philippines. We only have legal separation but in my opinion is the same as divorce because the marriage couple will break-up eventually and have their separate for the rest of their life.
What divorce really is? Divorce means the legal break-up of a marriage. It is generally a painful business. Since for most people marriage are more than simply legal arrangements. Divorce marks the end of a relationship which began in LOVE and MUTUAL trust. It may be especially painful to children, who will be distressed by the unhappiness of their parents, and who may have to choose between their father and mother. The upheavals of a divorce often cause children to behave badly and may affect their school-work and even their friendship, but usually children readjust, as do their parents.

In the Jewish and Muslim traditions, divorce at the wish of the husband was always easy, though not very common. The Catholic Church, however, does not permit divorce, and even today it is still not permitted to have legal divorce in some catholic countries and even here in the Philippines. Following the Reformation, most Protestant Churches allowed divorce under certain conditions. Martine Luther called divorce “an external worldly thing”, on which the law counts rather than the church should rule. Therefore, the courts began to grant divorce in cases where one partner had failed to observe the mirage contract.

We can’t really determine if couples have a successful marriage in the future but if we want to have our family to stay together for a long time. I think understanding, communications, trust, faith and love in each other is important. But before you get into marriage, we must also be preparing spiritually and mentally and financially, so if bad things or a temptation comes we can always control ourselves.

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