It’s not too late to save

As i was staring at the ceiling the whole day because i still don’t have my internet connection yet and i don’t have better things to do, that i should start saving now before it’s too late. This maybe an overdue moves but i think it’s not too late for me. I just realize that it is really difficult if you don’t have save money when things get tough these days. You don’t know where to turn to ask help or assistance because everybody is also busy and struggling to survive.

Every time i receive something i can’t help myself to spend it right away. We earn money to buy stuff that we want but sometime we still have to save a little for those unproductive days. So that we will not be going gaga every time unexpected situation or expenses arises.

I always told myself that i would surely save even just a little amount but i just can’t help it. But now, i have to control my expenses because it’s really hard when you don’t have anybody to help you with those things and why would anybody be responsible for myself. I should be responsible for me so i need to be more responsible in handling daily expenses. I know it would be hard but i have to try my bestest because this is for my own sake, wish me luck, :-)

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