Made the wrong move

Because i was desperate to have internet access, i purchase a broadband and i was disappointed because i though i can still use it at home. I should have thought about it carefully because i can’t return the device. I went to the tattoo broadband office yesterday to ask alternative so i can use the device at home because going out and do my internet in the mall or anywhere in the city is not convenient for me. Aside that the laptop I am using is a bit heavy the battery is not working well. I have to bring the charger all the time if I want to finish all the task, writing, work that day. I can only use the laptop for one hour. Just like yesterday, I went to limkitkai mall because the device don’t have signal inside or outside the house and I want to use the free Fb and surfing. I went panic when the laptop shutdown and then I remember it’s been one hour and I did not notice the time because I was busy surfing and looking at FB. I should have been more careful knowing my laptop don’t work perfectly and the location of our house is not advisable for broadband users like me. Now, I am here in my friend’s house because the broadband I bought cant get signal and the device works perfectly. It would be much much more wonderful and fun if i can use it also in my house with the comfort of my bed and all.

Facing difficult or simple problem still needs a lot of thinking because even if it simple it can still affect you. But sometime my impulsiveness is very strong than my mind.

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