Mommy Moments

They say that being a mother is not an easy task but it is the most fulfilling job all mother would love to have. Even if it’s hard, a mother would endure everything from pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child and until forever just for the sake of their children. But what I like the most is during pregnancy, when all they ask is being given to them. From food, self pampering from the father or family members and shopping for baby clothes and don’t ever forget the maternity clothes.

Every pregnant woman wants to be sexy ad desirable during their pregnancy and won’t look haggard when going out with their husbands or boyfriends. If you ask me, maybe the first thing I would do when I get pregnant and hopefully soon is to search online or look for maternity shops that sells sexy or cute maternity dresses, so I would know where to buy maternity clothes that I like and my husband like as well. You have to enjoy and feel being pregnant because it’s not all the time a blessing like that happens.

I will never know what it feels like to be pregnant or to be a mother but I love to experience it, and maybe someday, God will give me a wonderful and beautiful family that I can treasure. But before that, I would surely love to enjoy being pregnant and all. I would ask and buy the food that I like to eat, shop for my baby stuff and of course buy my own maternity dress.

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