On a tight budget

When you are in a situation when you don’t know where to go to or ask assistance. It is better to tighten you budget as early as you can. That’s what I’ve learn during those months that I decided to be alone and be independent (that’s what I always told myself). Hard time always comes and goes. There are times when I can buy things for myself like shoes and dress because I have extra in my wallet but there are always time that I don’t know where to borrow for the house repairs, food and billings payment.
Maybe some of you experience that situation and it is really frustrating right?

This would be the time that I act and be on the tightest budget that I could because I hate receiving disconnection notice. Every time I received a disconnection notice, I feel restless. So, what I do is I eat less outside like fast-food or buy food outside. Buy items and foods that always eat, buy concentrated juice instead of soft drinks because most of the time water is not enough hehehe. Turn off all the lights when I don’t use it. And so far it works for me, my electric bill is not that distressful anymore so as my water bill. And maybe one day, things will work out as before.

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