Packing the Parents Stuff

As I was wondering what to do the whole day every day, and I notice that most of my parents stuff especially my mother’s was still in their old storage. Then, I remember the day when my parents move to gensan, they only bring that stuff that is easy to carry and important at that moment because traveling from Cagayan to General Santos takes 12 hours and renting a big van to store all their stuff is too expensive plus we don’t know where to rent bigger vehicle that time. So I was planning to buy big empty boxes in our neighbors sari2x store so I can pack all my parents stuff especially my mother’s kitchen stuff like plates, mugs, glass, Tupperware’s and utensils. I think she only brings few kitchen stuff that day and since my parents will be living in that house for a very long time.

Packing and sending it would be the best thing to do. All those kitchen stuff will be helpful for my mother during special occasions like birthdays, and holidays. I don’t use that entire kitchen utensil anyways so why not pack it ahead of time and then when one of them will visit, we don’t need to bother our self packing it because I already prepare it already for them.

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