Pool adventure with the niece

These photos are one of those few fun events of the niece that we’re included because now I seldom see that little girl anymore. She’s with her mother in Davao; I can only see this adorable little girl if my brother, who is the father, come home after his contract as a seaman end and that’s after a year or more and that was when he still visit our parents and he always treat his daughter to go swimming or shopping. But since the parents live in gensan and the niece in Davao, we often are together and visiting the niece is not that easy. I can’t remember the last time I saw the cute niece and enjoy her little antic and mannerism.

Good thing we always bring our camera every time we had the chance in meeting the niece. We love to take picture of us together posing and doing funny pose. The photo above was taken few years ago in one of the pools somewhere in igpit opol I think andcalled De oro saga tech resort. That was our first and last visit of that place because it is a bit far from our house and a bit expensive too because we have to ride a taxi going to that place because we don’t have our own car. I want to visit the place but I don’t remember the way going there anymore. The place is beautiful and big with all the trees around the vicinity even if the pool is not that big like some well know resort but still nice to visit and go swimming in that place.

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