Tattoo Broadband or DSL Modem

Since I don’t have money yet to pay for the internet monthly bill and it’s still disabling, means I can’t use the internet connection but the phone is still working. I don’t understand it at first and ’til now, i still don’t understand why they have to disable the connection but still charge for it. I already have money for that but I was thinking that maybe I switch to broadband instead. Anyway I don’t use the internet all the time only when I want to watch movie online and blogging. And that time I was not really happy with the service. The connection, the watch-pad and the telephone and now they charge me for those times they disable the connection. I must admit, the internet connection is fast if their system is doing great. But every time you have concerns about the watch-pad and telephone their office can’t solve it, I have to call their customer service and let them solve it but most the time I can’t contact the customer service because the line is busy, but when it comes to payment, their very strict and demanding about it. So I was tempted to switch to broadband, at-least in using prepaid broadband I only have myself to blame and I can always go to the nearest globe office if it’s not working or having trouble.

And I have to decide fast because I hate going out to rent a pc in a cafe especially now that the weather is bad. And if I choose to use a broadband I can carry it anywhere and everywhere but I should have a smaller laptop first because the one I’m using right now is a bit heavy and the battery can last only an hour and bringing the charger is not convenient as well. Do you have any suggestion, recommendation or ideas about it?

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