My family seldom goes out to have dinner in a restaurant or just bond outside. Where not like other families who always goes out when birthdays or even parent’s anniversary but we always go to church together every Christmas and new years. It’s a tradition and I know most families do that as well. It’s nice to have a family member to cuddle during Christmas because its cold and you got the time to bond as family. And after attending the mass the whole family would enjoy talking and exchanging thoughts and gifts. And stay in the patio to watch children caroling and the neighbors having their merry Christmas as well. Would that be great if the whole family wears the same custom sweatshirts then take a photo of the whole family as a remembrance. Something to remember during those cold but happy Christmas together because time comes, every member of our family will have their own family too or transfer to other places and all we could do is just call them during Christmas.

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