What the FOOD LABEL doesn’t tell

We always read the labels of the food we buy for our family because we want them to eat healthy food especially the kids. And we trust that everything is written in the labels but what about those hidden or other term.
As I was ready this article about diet and nutrition. It says that if a label says zero trans fats, we should not take it literally or lightly. FDA rules let a manufacturer market a food as having no trans fat if it contains less than half a gram per serving. To find the truth we should read the ingredients list.
If it includes “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil,” the food has a small amount of trans fat even the label says zero. The higher u on the list the mention occurs, the more trans fat it has. (Remember, too that “one serving” can be very small; the amount you actually eat will likely rack up even more fat.)
Sometimes the ingredients label trans fat by using a word that mask the truth. So we should be vigilant and observant in buying foods for our family. We just want our family to be healthy and strong right?

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