Busy Unlinking a Page

Before I was so eager to like all the page because I was still new in FB, and just like some of the wall FB page I visited I want to look my wall busy and full of post or advertisement and stuff. But that was a couple of years ago and I kind of notice that most of my family’s picture post in my wall are missing. Every time I open my FB I only saw advertisement and I only find out that some of my close friend or family posted a new picture I have to scroll down or click my notifications because it was all cover with all the post of that product I did like last year. And to still be updated in my close friends and family’s activities, I unlike some of the product or advertisement to clean my Fb wall and this time see new updates that I can relate about. Like new photos of my nieces and nephews, bloggers post on twitter and networkblog and more interesting article that would help me. Home improvement giveaways or money giveaways and prices that bloggers are posting. It would be nice to win some of those prices and giveaways for our house and some of the billings and I can only notice that if I have to clean my FB wall. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

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