Music and Instruments

I am not a musician but I dream and wish to be one, not very good and patient in playing any musical instrument but really love to learn especially the guitar, and even if I am not talented when it comes to music and music instrument, I still want to know the different kinds of musical instrument for personal awareness because you’ll never know someday, I will be given a chance to work in a store that sells music instrument, and also the fact that I love listening to music all the time. Even if I am in bad or good mode, music had that soothing effect to make me calm and think clearly. Not only the words but most especially the kind of beat a certain songs had.

That’s why composers, music artist, DJ’s and those who love playing and owning music instrument favor high tech instrument even if it’s expensive because of the quality. An instrument designed to be a powerful, intuitive controller for electronic-music performance artists, DJs, hip-hop producers and traditional musicians prefer using the Ableton Performance Controller because of that powerful and spontaneous sounds and beat made. And I would love to learn few tricks on how to operate that kind of instrument and maybe someday my kids would learn as well.

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