The Parents Decided: House for SALE

Last month the parents still thinking if they’re going to sell the house that I living I or not but a few days ago mother called and told me to put HOUSE FOR SALE sign on our gates so that people will know that the house is for sale. And up until now I still forgot to put that for sale sign because I am too busy thinking where I am going after. My mother already plans my going back to general santos with my pets but I am still hiking about it. I don’t want my parents to worry about me anymore. And there still has plenty of stuff in here. The old wooden dining table, cabinets and chairs are still here, not to mention the plates, tupperware’s, beds, foam and other clothes they leave behind when they move.

So far no one is asking about the house because I only told the neighbor’s about the house being for sale. And they need a new house again because the neighbor’s family is getting bigger and bigger as the days pass by. I don’t know if they already bought the house beside them or just renting it. All I know that they need a new house and our house is perfect for them for the simple fact that their family is always bond together. And for those who are interested or still looking for a house to buy, our house is for sale. Hehehe…

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