Waiting for Sisters Package

Few months ago my sister told me that she will send a package to my parents and since I don’t know the address of my parent’s new place, she uses the old address instead. And it would be good for me considering my sister’s taste of clothing and other stuff because she wrote in her email that she includes her old stuff in that package and a few vitamins for my parents and grandmother. I really am excited and the parents as well that they keep on asking if the package have already arrive but sad to say I am still waiting due to the LBC late on picking up the package to their house (that’s what she told me). And I have to wait 6 weeks or more. I just wish I don’t need to pay anything when that package arrive because I am still in my most tight budget right now. I don’t know when I can overcome this house budgeting dilemma. Hmmmmmmmmmmm..

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