Family First

Family is very important; they’re the ones who will always at your side every downfall and achievement we experience. There may be instances that we argue on something or don’t understand each other because of personal differences but at the end difference will just forgotten. I consider my family is my greatest treasure in this life. We find ways to help our family in any way we can. Give them special gifts that they will surely love and appreciates. Do the best we can just for them so if we have our own family, they will value it, just like us. And because I love and appreciate my family that much, I was planning to look for custom challenge coin for my dearest mother because she loves to collect any kind of coins. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old, coin, new or custom made coin as long as it’s unique. It’s a bit cheaper compare to my father watch collection. And if I found that unique coin, I just hope she will like it.

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