Feeling Like a Sloth

I feel like a sloth most of the time. You know the feeling that you think you move fast but the truth is you just lying in your bed and wait for something to happen? I hate this feeling but I always do it from time to time. Sometimes I’m ashamed of myself because of my being sloth like attitude (doing slow motion in everything I do) most of the time. What can I do, my body won’t cooperate what my mind wanted to accomplished. I am still in my general cleaning mode, meaning I only clean one part of the house per day. I really wanted to finish all my pending house jobs like the laundry, clean the three rooms and fold the old clean clothes. I just hope this will end soon because the special my mother will be visiting in the end of the month for my tatay’s (grandfather) death anniversary. I just pray the Lord will give me the strength and will to finish all my household chores right away.

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