Holidays a Season of Superwoman

The holiday is a few couple of months away and its going to be a busy days to come for those mommies out there. Buying gifts, thinking what dishes to cook and who will be invited for that holiday. And doing of all these things can be stressful most of the time and there are the kids to take care aside from all those TO DO in the holiday. In a perfect world, the holiday would be a festive blend of delicious food, family bonding and sharing in the joys of the season. Children would be little angels, presents would all be wrapped by Thanksgiving and cooking for 30 people or more would be easy and fun; thanks to the live-in chef (the mothers) but in real life, that would take a lot of superwoman power not to be stressed and harassed. In real life, there are gifts to buy, parties to attend, cookies to bake and cards to send. Children get bored and anxious and, with candy canes hanging on every corner, hyper. The list of things to do will be longer than Santa’s list and the usual role as mother, wife, coach, taxi driver, chef, and working woman has now expanded to include seamstress, decorator, baker, hostess, wrapper and all-around present purchaser but this is not to say that the holidays cannot be a truly joyful experience for you and your family. They can. The trick is to change how to spend the time, money and energy. Here are 10 suggestions to help maintain sanity throughout the stress of the season. So mommy’s smile and have a glass of wine and make a toast for here are the joyful holidays!

1. Find time to do the things you really want to do. Make a list of five to 10 things you want to do this season, with or without the family and remind yourself that scheduling sometimes does not make it a chore. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

2. Take a break from the family. Wanting a break from the family does not make you a bad mother or wife. A 15-minute walk may help or need to regroup in order to keep your cool. Whether it’s a mental or physical break, spend some time alone.

3. Figure out what makes you stressed. Think and recall the last few holidays. What has made you the most frustrated? Plan the time better by making life easier for you and your kids. Hire a baby sitter or help to lessen you work load just to get back you sanity.

4. Lower you standards. So what if your kid’s clothes don’t match? If they’re clean and they fit, let it go, unless you’re on your way to a formal dinner at grandmas, it’s probably not worth the hassle to fight it.

5. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep, even if it means scheduling a nap every day. Be sure to eat three well balance meals each day because if you’re hungry, chances are you’re tired as well. Don’t worry about gaining weight, after all, everyone gains weight during the holidays, right?

6. Get the kids involve. Think of activities that the kids can do. Ask them to design some wrapping paper. Let them help you cut out or decorate sugar cookies. Make decorating the tree a family affair. Don’t worry about everything looking perfect. Sometimes the most appreciated gifts are those with a special homemade touch.

7. Communicate with the Kids. Keep the kids up-to-date on family plans. Let them know when you’ll be going to grandpa and grandma’s house, what time church starts and what to expect, what time would leave to meet everyone for a night of caroling. Keeping the kids informed helps them feel included.

8. Learn to say “NO.” How many times have you found yourself saying “Yes” when you really meant “No”? Although the holidays are a time for giving, there is a limit. Sewing your own Child’s shepherds costume is one thing but sewing the entire flocks is another.

9. Simplify your life. Write everything down, preferably where everyone in the family can see it. Get a giant wipe-off calendar for your home. Put it where everyone can reach it and highlight especially important events and times. Don’t forget to schedule time with the kids, time alone and time with the spouse.

10. Plan, Plan, Plan. In most cases, the better you plan, the smother your holiday. Gather appropriate gifts all year round to avoid last-minute crowds and prices. Assign dishes for the holiday meal to various members of the family. If you’re cooking the meal alone, begin collecting recipes, coupons and ingredients well in advance. Send out your holiday cards before everyone else.

Holidays maybe stressful but the most important is that you have a fun time with the family and feel the true meaning of the holiday and most importantly, don’t expect everything to be perfect. Plan on the idea that food will burn, people will be late and costumes will fall apart. Mommies take a break from saving the world, after all, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed. You can worry about the stain on you cape next month and just enjoy the holiday with your family.

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