Need to buy a new florescent bulb

I don’t know what happen to our house lately, it seems like everything inside the house is ruin and broken. It started last month when I accidentally broke the two florescent (the long types) light. Thank God I found a solution for the two accidental problems and all I have to do that time is to tell my parents about it especially my father who is very meticulous about our house electric problem. Then I would buy a new florescent bulb to replace the ones that I broke but to my disbelief, my room’s florescent bulb and the bathroom won’t light anymore. I just bought it few days ago but when I try the florescent bulb outside, it works like magic. I am not really good at electrical problem but I’ll try to fix everything than hiring an electrician. Then I just found out today the light switch of my room was busted. I try to fix it but it’s no use, it is still busted. I hate feeling useless these days. I don’t even know the names of the electric thingy I should buy to fix all the broken and busted thing inside our house.

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