Home Beautification

I always complain about cleaning and maintaining the house clean and pleasant to the eyes. And yesterday, I went to the new open mall to look for affordable linen throw pillows to replace the old ones because it’s already very old and I wanted to have a new throw pillow for our living room sofas and bedroom. I already visited the nearby mall but they don’t have stocks for the throw pillow that I was looking for. It was really hard to look for linen throw pillows in that new open mall because I am not familiar with their stores. And after a few hours of looking and asking about where I can buy it, I end up searching online instead, less hassle and I don’t have to walk hours to look for a throw pillow. So far I found few interesting decorative throw pillows to make the house look homey again. Maybe I could visit that mall again soon and just explore for a change to familiarize it, so the next time I look for something, I don’t have to walk hours and ask somebody where that certain stores location.

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