Before the year ends

I have decided to throw all our old and stock stuff before the year ends. Clean the jangle inside and outside the house so we can save more space and also for the unwanted tenants like roach and mice inside the house. Those pests like old stuff and love to stay in dark and messy places like our stockroom for example that is full of unused books, our old school notebooks and many more. And since I don’t have anything to do at the moment and I really wanted those old stuff gone. So when 2013 come, we will have more storage for our unwanted furniture’s or kitchen stuff again and at the same time, the house would be clean and spacious and for our health sake as well.

And here it is, the things inside our stockroom. I keep wondering why my parents love to put these in a stockroom when it should be in the garbage.
Some of these stuff are sold, 1 pesos per kilo. hehehe

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