Financial Planning

When I was little and growing up. I never remember valuing about money and my parents effort to earn money. All I knew is how to spend it, and when I was working, my mother use to tell me to save for the rainy days but I did nit listen. And it is only now that I really value those reminders. I should have listen to them, but I think it’s not to late for me to save and learn about financial planning right? Kids also no-a-days should learn how to value, save and plan.

Finances are a definite factor, and planning will provide a better chance for ensuring security. It doesn’t hurt to start early especially to your children.

1. Encourage your child to save money, from a young age. She/he can do small jobs for neighbors, collect cans and redeem them for cash. Parents can help to: save all your “coupon” values; just set aside the savings in a special jar or bank account.

2. Help your child to check out the internet for different ideas.

3. Don’t forget to check out financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, work study programs, prepaid tuition program.

In that way, your child will value money and learn to plan ahead for the future.

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