A Big Help: Going eco-friendly

We all know and notice about the changes in our environment, the sudden unpredictable weather, and other nature tragic events. It is a good thing not only to mother and but also in our home to those big company to support and be eco-friendly. It is necessary for us to buy groceries and other daily necessities everyday or even buying books once or twice a week. Buying those things the same time keeping, that plastic cellophane’s stuck inside our house are hard to dispose. In a way, those plastic bags really help us carry heavy stuff, but those plastic can also destroy mother earth, because most of our garbage that is hard to dispose are plastic.

Anyway, yesterday while buying a book a popular bookstore in the city. I was surprise when the cashier put the books in a recycled envelope, and the print is not the bookstores name but only a logo then it says: Reduce Earth’s Destruction; reduce reuse,recycle how surprising is that. For many years, I have been buying all kinds of books and schools supplies to that bookstore and that was the first time (personal experience buying to that bookstore). In addition to that, one of the most popular fast food-chair in the city is doing the same thing. They put the take-out food in a paper bag instead of the usual plastic cellophane their using.

I don’t know if there is a new rules or agreement to those businesses to use eco-friendly material to their products, because I seldom watch new since last year, but this could be a big help and improvement to keep mother earth safe and flesh again.

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