Almost, almost done

I keep saying that I am not good in household chores. I easily get bored and tired most of the time. That is why; I keep trying my best to finish my overdue laundry. I wash from clothes if I don’t have anything else to wear or if I feel like it, but most of the time, I am lazy. So to make the story short, some of my dirty clothes especially the comforters, pillow covers, towels and blanket are still dirty. And I have to do double time laundry work so I can start packing the things that needs to transfer to my parents house as soon as possible before I put “House for sale” or “House for rent” on our gate.

So far, I keep doing the best that I can to finish my overdue laundry. If I have extra money, I wash the lighter dirty clothes and pay for a laundry (if I have extra money) for the heavy one like the comforters and towels. I really need to clean, as in clean the whole house as soon as possible, so I can start decorating and arranging the furniture’s and all. Even if I am almost, almost done in my laundry goal this year, I am still happy that I finally got the time to do all those household things good so far.

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