At Home on Valentines Day

People are busy buying flowers, chocolates and other romantic things and dinner dates during the “heart” or “Love” day. Most couple is excited and maybe some just treated this day like other ordinary day, as I do hehehe. Couples and in-love people double time tweeting and posting love quotes, ‘V’ gift they received and other sweet and mushy stuff on their Social network account like FB (facebook). Who can blame them, right?

Most people spend their valentine’s day outside, but me, I just spend it with at home with my babies (pet dogs) and watch a lot of movie. Going out is appealing, but staying home is more comfortable and relaxing. I don’t want bumping those sweet couple who’s busy holding their bouquet of roses and other kids of flower. Anyway, I can celebrate the hearts day tomorrow, less crowded, less mushy people around and I can save money instead of watching movie on a movie house or eat in a restaurant. Staying at home gives me the change to cook fishy foods for my adorable babies and I can learn more how to cook using our dirty kitchen because I still don’t have a gas stove burner.

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