The leak is here to stay

We often worry about leaving our house without locking it carefully to keep away intruders like burglars and stray animals. However, in my case, I am more worry about leaving the house because of the leak in our ceiling. Since last year, that is the one major problem that I keep complain to the parents. Moreover, we did everything to solve it. They did hire a carpenter for that problem alone, actually many times already in the past but it is still leaking back repeatedly.

December last year, the father just travel 12 hours from General Santos coming here for that purpose only. We already spend money to buy the needed materials. My father leaves CDO that time with confidence that the leak problem is over this time. Then, comes the unpredictable weather, the news said it is just a low pressure and not a typhoon even-though it feels like typhoon because of the non-stop rain and windy weather. I am also very at ease that time to leave the house despite the heavy rain, unlike before that I can’t leave the house when it’s raining because I am afraid for the house flooring to suddenly rotten.

However, my surprise when I come home that evening, the floor is very wet with rainwater. So I there for conclude that the leak is still there and we should need to change the entire roof to make sure that the leak would not bother us anymore. We just have to hire people to do all those and buy the material that will really last a very long time or maybe paint the roof. They said it is effective for raining season so the roof would not rot right away.

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