To Buy or Not to Buy: which is which?

I was ashamed a little when our old gas stove burner bailed out on me last month. The shameless part was when my sister together with her two close friends decided to eat home cook meal/food than the eating in a restaurant, which was they always eat since the day they arrive in CDO. Our only option that time is to use our dirty kitchen that is literally dirty that time. Nevertheless, I was still thankful because I have some firewood stock in that dirty kitchen. I do not want that shameless accident happen again so I tried to fix the old burner but still no use. I told my BF about it and ask him to accompany me to buy new burner, maybe a single burner is enough because our old burner is a double burner. But he told me to wait because he has a two burner gas stove (from his mother) at home. He just need to ask some expert to double check it because it never been use since his mother move to Cebu many year ago.

OR Single????

(Photos not mine)
Because of the luck of budget, until now, I am waiting for him to tell me that I can already use the burner but maybe luck is neglecting me because I am still waiting for him to tell the Go signal. I really need a new burner because the firewood’s are all gone, and a firewood vendor is far from our house. I don’t want to walk around the neighborhood bring those heavy firewood. Using the BF’s burner is a big help to me because I don’t have to buy new burner, but when can I use that burner? And if I buy I have to adjust again my budget like the electric bill and water bill to name a few. Yay! Living alone is hard specially if you don’t have save money.

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