Cooking made easy with my New single burner gas stove

Of course, it would be much more wonderful if it were a two burner so I can finish cooking faster but I am still thankful and happy that I already bought a new burner. Thanks to my dear mother who is generous enough to gave me the money to buy the new burner. I can now good food and don’t need to go out more just to eat daily meals.

For the past months I have been eating in a fastfood and buy cooked food because I though it is realistic since I am alone. I only have myself to worry if I don’t eat breakfast, lunch or dinner but as the days and months go by I notice that aside from wasting my time going out when I can just stay at home and do some cleaning it is expensive and tiring going out everyday. I need to eat one meal a day if I want to stay alive and kicking would I! If I stock little food in the ref, at least I don’t have to go out everyday just to eat. I can cook it at home and enjoy my poor cooking (but planning to improve it) then rest after and do some cleaning or blogging.

I thank again my mother for my new single burner (again, it would be nice if it is the two burner) for giving me the money for it. I can finally buy some groceries and cook pancake using a frying pan and not the microwave.

Living alone is more fun and easy if you have complete kitchen stuff to accompany you in your independent struggle.

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