Dreaming to be one of them

Budgeting my income is really hard for me to accomplish. I have been trying my best to be progressive in that department. All I could think about is buying those cute bedding’s, gorgeous cutlery and bathroom accessories. Furthermore, how can I buy those things if I don’t have enough money for it. I am just a simple woman that wants beautiful things inside my house and I can’t fully have them all because I still need to budget my small earnings for the electric bills and food and personal necessity. I envy those credit card holders because they can buy those things in installments and having cash would never be a problem anymore at the same time, the cash money is safe from mugger and thief. Maybe one day if I have children of my own, I would know how to budget my husband’s income or my income (if the husband is missing in action). Shopping would be easy and lighter because I only need a card that pays for all my family’s needs.

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