Planting a new plants again

If I have a chance to visit the mall, I always went to handyman store to look for a nice and easy to plant plants in that store. I already bought an indoor pot for the flower seeds I bought in that store but I believe I need to be more attentive and patients with all the planting and stuff. I really don’t know what happen to those seed I plant because I never saw it growing into a sprout. Hmmm, maybe it went down with the water! What do you think? It was my first time to try planting and I failed but they all said “try and try until you succeed” so I am looking for some seeds that is easy to plant and don’t need more attention if it’s possible. I really want to make it a hobby you know, planting and all stuff about house improvement thing. It would be a perfect pastime if you don’t have money or too lazy to go out.

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