Throwing some old house stuff

Finally, I made my second move to throw away some very old, rusty, and broken furniture but the question is! Where can I put it? Our neighborhood are not the subdivision type that we can just put the big stuff in the streets and the garbage truck can just pick it up. Our neighborhood are the one of those very little space type, as in all are little space and some of it are no space at all, in short I house is located in what they called it squatters area kind but not that lawful or something. Anyways, I finally find the strengths because it really needs it literally but I just stock it inside in the other area of the house. Well, its better to get started little by little that get stock in just thinking about it. All I have to think and do right now is find a person who can help me throw it out some place and everything in the house will be pleasant to the eyes and nice.

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