Where to Spend the Holy Week

This holy week would be different from the previous holy week for me. I usually stay at home before during holy week and watch movies all day, but I think this holy week I will invite myself to spend it in my BF’s family. His uncle owns a farm and it so happen that his mother is here in CDO also to visit him. The plant is to go their tomorrow and stay there for 2 days.

Short History: Wiki

Holy Week in the Christian year is the week immediately before Easter. The earliest traditional church allusion to the custom of marking this week as a whole with special observances is to be found in the Apostolical Constitutions (v. 18, 19), dating from the latter half of the 3rd century and 4th century. In this text, abstinence from flesh is commanded for all the days, while for the Friday and Sunday an absolute fast is commanded. Dionysius Alexandrinus in his canonical epistle (AD 260), refers to the 91 fasting days implying that the observance of them had already become an established usage in his time.

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