AAA battery charger gift from sissy

Everybody loves gift and the older sister give me one last month, a camera that uses aaa battery. I was really excited and can’t wait to use it. She already told me that she included a rechargeable battery and aaa battery charger with it so I don’t have to buy those things and I was very thankful for that, but unfortunately, when the package arrived containing those gift, it only has the camera and the charger minus the rechargeable battery. I ask my other sister about it (the who send the package) but she just told me she throw it out because she taught it is just an ordinary aaa battery. I have no choice but to buy 6 pieces of rechargeable battery, it is a bit expensive though, but how can I use the camera and the charger if there is no battery.

I am still using the camera and the battery charger up to now. The charger is really a big help, it works pretty good with the rechargeable battery I bought despite the pet bite on it.

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