Benefits from our broken and old junk

I keep saying that I will do general cleaning, as in all parts of the house cleaning, from separating old junks to sweeping the floor. I already set aside the old junks that are not needed anymore and finding the right moment to trow it away, but it is hard for me to find that time since the garbage collector only pick up the garbage during Tuesday morning and sadly, I am still sleeping that time. However, why would I make myself get stress about it if I can just sell it in a junk shop. Our old junk and broken things will be out in my hands especially in our house plus I can earn money from it.

Thankful that our old and broken washing machine is out, utensils and some old kitchen stuff that is broken as well, Now, I just need to channel again myself to clean and wash the bed-sheet and all that is need to be wash inside the house. Then I buy some dog care products and books for the money I got from weighing those stuff in the junk shop.

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