A Little Girl and the Band

I was watching a show the other day and it was fun watching the five-year-old girl-asking question to her guest-singing band. The little girl is witty, funny, and smart. The guest bands who are a family of singer’s enjoy answering the little girls question about the band’s experience in the music industry. It was entertaining watching the little girl and listening to that band’s music. I still remember that I always sing their song until now if my friends and I sing in a videoke bar.

It’s amazing that their whole family is very talented. Three of them really sing well with all the high notes and spectacular voices while some of them know very much about playing the guitar, drums and keyboards. All of them are cool playing the musical instruments. I don’t know if the keyboard is the mpk25 from musicians friend because it looks like the one I saw online. You can see the capability, and flexibility of the keyboard while looking at the person playing the instrument. It really is fun if you know how to play a musical instrument.

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