Animal Cruelty: Snake on the run

I wake up early yesterday not because my two dogs keep licking my face because I need to wake up already, but because the neighbors keep calling my name. That was the first time they wake me that early, I just thought that my father arrived from gensan and they just want to help him on waking me. I was really surprise when they said that they found a very big snake hiding in our house sewer. At first, I thought is the same snake that I lose last year (BF’s pet snake) and it come back or just go out from where it’s hiding to hunt food. The snake is really big and the BF said it is not our snake, but nevertheless, I pity that snake because the neighbors caught its tail and force pull it outside the sewer. We never really use that sewer for many years. My parents dig a different hole to where our bathroom, washing area and and sink water flows.

Anyways, they really tried hard to get that snake out to the point of making small talk about me (like gossip) in front of me. They want to enter our house and look for that hole sewer where the snake is hiding. And because I never allow them to break the wall where the snake hides. I just pity the snake because the neighbors want it bad and cut its tail to make an adobo out of it. I don’t know what kind of people if that. They could have just wait until the snake finally relax and decided to get out. It’s still animal cruelty even if they’re are scared of snake.

I only take the photo of the snake tail. I don’t want to take photos of that cruelty act to animals (cutting its tail just so they have pulutan in their drinking session).

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