Mature thinking

Living alone helps me to be wiser in making personal decision, and most especially handling my financial situation. I only earn enough for myself and pay for the monthly responsibilities like electric bill and other stuff. Being in this situation, I need to budget the money I earn wisely. I have to be more practical in term of fixing broken stuff or maintaining the house to be in good conditions.

Recently, our ceiling got blow away by typhoon and it need fixing right away. Instead of hiring expensive carpenter, I just ask my father’s friend who happens to be a carpenter and I just gave the carpenter money to buy the materials because he knows a store that sells good quality but cheaper materials for our ceiling.

Before, I am not much of a help when it comes to looking for stores that sells material in fixing houses, broken chairs and those man stuff thing but since living alone requires more information about manly stuff. I help myself familiarizing some of the tools that I need when help is not around. I even search the store where we can buy air compressors in case if I needed one or a friend wants to buy one. Having an internet today really helps those people who are home-person because we can search for the tools or equipment we need without the hassle of going out and driving around the city.

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