Sissy’s antics

This is what she always do when there is a camera around and she is bored, taking pictures of herself in different pose and face expression. My other siblings will just laugh at her because even if she is in a difficult situation and she is holding a camera, she will take photos of herself in that position.

She and my mother will always argue when it comes to using the camera because my mother also love to bring and take picture of her religious activities, and the sissy’s want’s to bring the camera also everywhere she go’s. And before she fly to Kuwait, she broke the camera and my mother was really upset that time. Good thing my brother give her a new camera. My mother won’t even let me borrow that camera and the sissy also bought her own camera. Surely this time, they don’t need to argue on who will bring the camera. They can take picture of themselves anywhere and everywhere they want.

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