Wonderful Outdoor Playground

How wonderful it is to have this kind of children’s playground in our backyard or in our front yard. A outdoor playground where your children, and your children’s friend can enjoy playing. You don’t need to go out and look for a nice and safe playground where your children can enjoy playing. However, we have to be practical; having this kind of playground needs a lot of money and a big lot. That is why I just have to dream about this kind of playground. I don’t have children yet but this would be perfect for my pets dogs. They can run around and play. I don’t have to walk them for their exercise because they can run inside this huge playground. And the exciting part is that, maybe we can have a picnic or camping escaped in it.

By the way, the playground above is one of the attractions in Dahilayan. I took that photo few months ago. The NPA did not attack camp Philips that time. I wonder now if it’s still safe to visit dahilaya knowing that the NPA are just lurking around the place.

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