Bonding on the Go: Sissy with the Family

I never really know how it feels like to travel via car because first, I don’t have a car and second, I don’t know how to drive. However, seeing my sister driving and bonding with her family is fun especially the driving part. She just learn how to drive her car recently, well it is necessary for her to learn how to drive because she, most of the time take care of the house, do grocery shopping and more. She needs to learn how to drive to be able for her to do all those things in a convenient way.

If you plan to have a family bonding on the go, like going to a nice park or place somewhere. It is important to pack foods and comfort stuff to make the road travel pleasant to your especially for the kids. It would be wonderful if you have your own car so you can bring all the things you need and the kids. Food, blanket, pillow if it is a bit cold, or the kids want to sleep, water so you don’t need stop-over to buy water. These are what I learn just by seeing their photos and asking my sister.

Dallas having a snack after a long walk at the valley of fire, Nevada state park.

Pose first before continuing the adventure trekking…Sister said, a bit cold but i don’t think kiddy and Evan mind! It’s their spring break anyway.

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