Gardens and Gardening

A simple definition of a garden is a plot of land or soil on which flowers or vegetables, or both, are grown. However, a garden may be any place set aside for plants of all kinds, flowers, herbs, fruits vegetables, shrubs, trees, grown in an ordered way for people to use and enjoy.

While, Gardening is the activity of planting and taking care of a garden. It gives most people a feeling of well-being that comes from making plans for the future and then seeing those plans come to life. Gardens have been popular in most cultures and often appear in art literature.

Some of us will search of the history of gardening to make our garden more effective and healthy. And I know some of us have their own garden to be proud off especially if the fruit of our labor will pay off. For those who don’t have talents for growing healthy plants like me, I need those old procedure on how to make a nice and healthy garden. I tried to make an indoor garden but failed because all the seed died while growing.

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