Promote an Eco Friendly Image

Businesses are always looking for ways to be friendlier to the environment. From keeping digital records, to recycling, many are greening up their business to reduce their carbon foot print. Promoting with eco friendly products not only fits with any budget, it shows that you support saving the environment, in an “in your face” way.

When businesses want to be seen, they use promotional products. These can take the form of anything from complimentary address labels to simple “thank you” cards. Promotional products are often the first time a customer sees you and your product. When first impressions are everything, what you introduce is everything.

A thank you note on recycled paper is a good way to start. Why not go the extra step and get your business really noticed with recycled seed paper. Not only is this made from eco friendly paper, you can plant it. Promote your business by giving potential customers a card that will grow into, flowers, vegetables, herbs, grasses, trees, and more when they plant it. Eco seed cards will entice environmentally conscience customers. Try using eco-friendly seed cards for eco friendly business cards, thank you cards, post cards and much more. Make a truly eco friendly lasting impression.

Biodegradable paper can be infused with almost any plant seed. A new construction company may want to infuse their business card with a tree seed, showing they are going green by replacing a resource that their industry uses. An antique shop could infuse business cards with an heirloom flower. Choose the seed that “fits” how you show off your green efforts.

Another eco friendly promotional product are eco friendly bags, customized with your brand. These are great gifts for new customers, long time customers, and even employees. Not only will they be appreciated, they will be used and seen all over town. Reusable shopping bags are becoming more popular as information on the damage plastic bags do to the environment. Do your part by giving customers a bag to use for shopping in their favorite store.

Reusable bags are made of many types of eco friendly materials. Recycled plastic is the most common material for reusable bags, these will hopefully one day run out. Bags that can be used anywhere are also made from 100% cotton and even bamboo, creating bags that not only are reusable, but biodegradable.

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