For the love of our house

Owning a house that you’re not the one who build it is really not good especially if that house located somewhere very crowded. Well, some of the house located in that place maybe cheaper than the ones inside a subdivision, but if you have the money to buy a new house, why not look for a nice location and very solid house foundation or at-less your know the details of that house. My parent’s house where I live right now is a very complicated house. My parents bought it with my father’s early retirement money. Actually, that house supposes to be my aunt house (my mothers help them look for a house in the city) but change their mind at the last minute so my parents took it since they already talk to the owner. That house would be great if my parents rebuild it and removed the nasty part, instead, they just renovated the part that they think needs adjustment and never bother to make it nice and beautiful and comfortable. I am not saying our house is not nice and beautiful but it would make more difference if they rebuild it.

The house is fine in the beginning, it is acceptable because we only have few neighbors that time and most of the neighbor’s houses are low level or only first floor. We can still smell some air and sunlight, but today is as if I am living in a dungeon. It is like always night inside my room because our new neighbor decided to build a second story of their house and some new neighbors build much bigger and taller house. Every day, I always hear the cats chasing at our ceiling because our house today is smaller compare to the neighbors house. In addition, some of our neighbors do some nasty things at our roof like throwing garbage ad water. Lately, we have been fixing stuff inside and outside our house because we want our house to be strong in case of typhoon, earthquake, fire, and burglars. Just recently, we fix the roof and I really thought that it is already fine, that I can sleep peacefully during heavy rains. What a disappointment it is because we need to fix the roof again and this time, we need to fix it right away. Too many problem occurs, it is really true when they say, “when it rain it pours”.

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