Old and Dandy Guitar

This is our old but cool guitar despite the not so perfect strings. I still use it even-though I don’t know how. My cousin taught me how to play before but she got tire and my hands hurts and I got tired also remembering all the notes. She told me to buy a songbook with guitar notes before and just always remember the basic notes where to put my fingers and maybe little by little I can perform a simple song using those basic notes. Unfortunately, I am more on a party gal before and learning how to play the guitar needs concentration and a very persuasive mind. I ended being jealous to those who knows how to play that music instrument. But maybe, it is not too late for me to try it again, you know learning how to play the guitar. I know there is someone or out there who are willing and patient enough to teach those people who had difficulty in learning it. I heard about some of those program online, one of those is the excellent music lessons in North Charlotte at guitar center, an excellent studio for a hardheaded student like me.

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