Thinking for an spacious home arrangement

If you have a small house but has a lot of stuff inside, it is hard to find that spacious arrangement you want. My parents loves to keep old stuff. A very old cabinets, chairs and even papers that are very old and not in use anymore. Just recently, I took care of those old stuff but there are still few of it left in the house because I don’t know where to dispose them. The garbage truck only comes twice a week and those few time, it is either I am still asleep or not in our house. And I can’t carry those old cabinets even if I want too because it’s heavy. I already tried a hundred times disposing all of them even if I got bruises and wound in the process. I just want our house to be clutters free for once.

I also been doing arranging and decorating our house to make it beautiful even if all our furniture’s are old. I just need to be more creative and imaginative about re-arranging those old stuff and make it beautiful. I also been searching online about decorating a small space to look spacious.

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